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…it was bound to happen eventually. I’ve broken my favorite guitar.

A week and a half ago, it fell out of my gig bag (which was admittedly wide open), and landed right on her tail on a concrete floor. The outside of it looked fine, so I thought I was in the clear. Not too long after that, I heard something rattling around in there. I was hoping that the internal microphone had simply shaken loose, but it was actually one of the braces. The brace split and snapped clean off. I’ll be giving her to my guitar-doctor. I’m sure he can fix her up again. Keep your popsicle sticks crossed for me!

(I was hoping that when/if it did break, it would be from playing, not careless handling.  I’d much prefer a sporting story of  “oh, I punched through the face of my guitar at that show”…)

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