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Playing a show on Friday, an art show, with trains… but no art-trains

So I’m playing some improvvy musical craziness at an art show over in West Berkeley this Friday.  It’s kind of on the railroad tracks.  Or at least, on a building on the railroad tracks.  Danger!  Trains!

April 24, 2009   8 pm – 12 am
@ Zughaus
1306 3rd Street, Loft 2, Berkeley, CA 94710
(This basically means, at the intersection of Gilman and the RR tracks.  Choo choo.)

Other things happening there:  Drawings!  Music!  Shiny (Nancy Fair + 6 others)!  Sangria!  Trains!!!!

Here’s a flyer.
Here’s a googlemap.

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Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, (try?)

Sometimes you’ve gotta record a song seven or eight times before you really nail it.  Done, and, done.

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