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I don’t know what to make of this…

So youtube has some really interesting statistical information available now. It turns out the two videos which refer the most people to my music are the following:

Brandon Lee Died Making “The Crow” &
A guy firing a gun into an open field

Well, we take what we can get, I guess… =)

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I’m a big fat liar

I just took a picture of myself with my new guitar for a friend.  But it looks really goofy because I did the cell phone and a mirror that’s all the rage these days.  Since I think it looks a little goofy, you have to subscribe to my email list to see it.  ;)  Top right corner, y’all.

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And now I’m a videographer, too

The Grace Woods Trio has a new album in the early stages of production. While we were all in the studio tracking their first song, I taped some footage of the process. I edited it together this weekend, and think the resulting video is a lot of fun.

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