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Interviewed on Bay Area Green Room podcast!

You can go listen to me in an engaging interview over at the Bay Area Green Room podcast!

(And I go on vacation in 52 minutes! WHOOOOOO!)

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To applaud…?

I’ve been starting to read about Glenn Gould lately.  (He’s a fascinating -and dead- pianist.)  He has this one idea, the GPAADAK, the Gould Plan for the Abolition of Applause and Demonstrations of All Kinds.  Basically, never applaud for anything.

The idea behind it is roughly that if a song / performance receives more applause than some other, then it is inherently more worth performing.  Gould’s idea (which I’m not yet sure if I agree with, but is definitely worth mentioning) is basically “Who the hell is the audience to judge whether or not something needs to be expressed?  Just express it, and it will be received.  That is the important part, not the crass noise of slapping hands.”  (A rough paraphrasal, but it gets the idea across.)

I don’t think I’m ready to get onstage and ask people specifically not to applaud when I’m done playing (I’d turn neurotic, at least for a while).  But the idea that we could all just share for the sake of sharing, and enjoy just for the sake of enjoying, is a beautiful idea.

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