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Ya know what I love?


It’s just been a damn lot of fun lately.

Listening to it.
Writing it.
Sharing it.
Playing it.
Recording it.
Rocking out to it.
Falling asleep to it.
Waking up to it.
Showering to it.
Getting dirty to it.

Hell yeah, man.

Hell yeah.

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Do you ever?

1.)  Do something without thinking about it

2.)  Go back and really analyze it hard

3.)  Then realize how cool it accidentally was


Story of the moment, and my life

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Hah. Cool first.

So there was someone at Blake’s today.

I told him good job.

He was like “Yeah, you too, I saw you on youtube.”

Hahahahaha, whoa.  Sweet.

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New songs and new CD’s

So I’m currently in the processing of mixing an album for some of my very best friends… there are three of them, and they’re my second best friend according to myspace, but that’s all the hint you’re getting. =) It’ll take somewhere between a month or four to get it done, but their CD will be really nice when it’s completed.

But once that’s all done and stuff, I’m going to start recording my own album, which is going to be a BLAST. Big incredible fun blastules, like kapow. Lots of incredible new songs, with lots of (hopefully) incredible new production ideas to make them really come alive. I’m still hemming and hawing about whether or not I want to bring in other performers on the cd, and to what extent, yadda yadda yadda. But rest assured it’s going to be incredibly cool. The goal is a CD that can crunch, twinkle, and writhe with the loudest bowl of cereal out there.

I can already tell that some of the highlights are going to be the… well, the one where I…

I can’t tell you. Hah. Sorry. I’ll put up some little demo-style-version-kinda tracks in time for my birthday. But I guarantee it’ll completely blow you away compared to my live stuff (especially if you’re used to seeing me only play acoustic, like at Blake’s). Stay tuned, yall.

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