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I got to play for a proposal!

Tawnee and I were recently asked by a then-stranger named Brian to play some music while he proposed to his girlfriend Caroline at the Berkeley Rose Garden. This was easily one of my favorite things ever. It was a beautiful moment, and it’s been captured beautifully for you to see.

Anti-corruption pledge

Brilliant thinker and activist Lawrence Lessig, formerly of the EFF, is posing an awesome government Anti-Corruption Pledge. I’ve signed it, and I recommend you check it out, and consider signing it.

Awesome luthier

If anyone ever needs guitar work done, Jeff Suits is pretty great. Email me for contact info if you like.

Pandora, tonsils, sushi, and dying

Flux is going up on Pandora before too long. Exceptionally cool. I’ll post again when it’s available for streaming and thumbs-upping. In the meantime, if you’re curious what I listen to on Pandora, you can check it out at

My dental hygienist told me that I have the biggest tonsils she’s ever seen in her life, and she’s been dentally hygiening for longer than I’ve been alive. Gross.

I’ll be playing at Yoshi’s Lounge in SF on Sunday, May 30, 8pm. Om nom nom!

Someone told me the other night that he wants to die to my music. I think that’s pretty awesome, but might only be fun the first time…

On the radio today, also, KALX rocks!

Too bad the blog comes after the fact, but KALX played a couple of my songs today – Accident, & To Say Yes to One Instant is to Say Yes to All of Existence.

In other news, also vote for KALX at because they’re awesome and play people like me. =) Boom.

…it was bound to happen eventually. I’ve broken my favorite guitar.

A week and a half ago, it fell out of my gig bag (which was admittedly wide open), and landed right on her tail on a concrete floor. The outside of it looked fine, so I thought I was in the clear. Not too long after that, I heard something rattling around in there. I was hoping that the internal microphone had simply shaken loose, but it was actually one of the braces. The brace split and snapped clean off. I’ll be giving her to my guitar-doctor. I’m sure he can fix her up again. Keep your popsicle sticks crossed for me!

(I was hoping that when/if it did break, it would be from playing, not careless handling.  I’d much prefer a sporting story of  “oh, I punched through the face of my guitar at that show”…)

iTunes is stupid

How many times in a row do I have to log in before I can listen to my music?  … so incredibly stupid.

Rubber ducky, you’re the one…

So I’m in the process of writing a song with a rubber ducky.  The only problem is that I’ve been cracking myself up every time I try to play it.  We’ll see where this goes…

I don’t know what to make of this…

So youtube has some really interesting statistical information available now. It turns out the two videos which refer the most people to my music are the following:

Brandon Lee Died Making “The Crow” &
A guy firing a gun into an open field

Well, we take what we can get, I guess… =)

I’m a big fat liar

I just took a picture of myself with my new guitar for a friend.  But it looks really goofy because I did the cell phone and a mirror that’s all the rage these days.  Since I think it looks a little goofy, you have to subscribe to my email list to see it.  😉  Top right corner, y’all.

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