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Recent projects I’ve been doing

So I recently performed the music for a ballet in San Francisco. The company was Post:Ballet, the piece was called “The Happiness of Pursuit”, and we performed the show two nights at the Cowell Theater. As usual, I was joined by my partner in crime, Joe Hickey, and this actually counts as my first show I’ve ever played on electric guitar… I feel like I’m breaking the law with that. =^b We got good reviews in the San Francisco Bay Guardian and Speaking of Dance. We even got a nice mention on ABC7News. You can view a highlight reel here:

I also recently scored a short film for the HIV Story Project film compilation entitled “Still Around”. I don’t know how long it’ll be before the film is available for viewing online, but it’ll be making its way around film festivals within a few months, I gather.

Both of these things have got my creativity flowing, and I’m trying to crank out some new material while I’m on a roll. Woot.

Thanks – had a great time at Cafe Du Nord!

Thanks to everyone who came out to my Du Nord show — everyone who bought a copy of Flux, or brought a friend, or stuck around and hung out after my set! I had an AMAZING time, the set went really well, and you all made it so much fun.

And here’s a video of the band and I playing Splinter, one of the new songs on the album:
(you can even watch it in full 720p-HD video, too!)

Just posted a video for “Stasis”

I’ve posted a video to youtube from my upcoming CD; I’m playing Stasis w/ Joe Hickey. This is from LastSundaysFest in July. It was a beautiful day, and a good festival. Hope you enjoy the vid!

And now I’m a videographer, too

The Grace Woods Trio has a new album in the early stages of production. While we were all in the studio tracking their first song, I taped some footage of the process. I edited it together this weekend, and think the resulting video is a lot of fun.

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